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all about me!

this page should give you an introduction to who i am. depending on who you are it'll either be interesting, gossip material or incredibly boring.

my name is andrew (but you can call me "romance"), i am male (so he/him), i am bi and i have two cats whom i love very much. i don't feel like sharing my age on the internet, so unless you can hack into the mainframe and disable my algorithms it'll be unknown to you. secrets! exciting!

my hobbies include singing, writing, playing guitar and hiking. i really like going outside in general, actually, and go on bike rides fairly often. i occasionally draw, but it's not really one of my greatest talents. i did draw the cursors you should currently be seeing (if you're on PC) though! (if you're on mobile and can't see them, they're roses! the stationary one is just a regular rose, and the active one is the same rose with a few petals floating around it.)

i live in the prettiest place on the planet and like to go sight-seeing with lux every now and then. we go walking near the dunes, on the beach or just in wooded areas! it's really fun and i wish i could show you. maybe i could... i'll figure out a way.

that's all the main stuff! scroll down further for some explanations regarding my aesthetics.

as you may be able to tell from the general look of this site in contrast with the stamps below, i enjoy quite a few aesthetics. they include but are not limited to crimson palettes, roses, pastel things and sky/space imagery. another aesthetic i've been getting into is that of royal jewelry or other opulent sparkly things. i think the elegance draws me to it. i also used to be really into aesthetics that played with lighting and/or shadow, for example those images you see of rainbows reflected onto surfaces, roses held to cast a shadow against a surface or posed silhouettes.

content warning:
this next part discusses food/eating disorder-related topics. the text will be black, so that you do not automatically need to read it. select it if you feel you can continue without being triggered or getting upset. this isn't a necessary thing to read, so no worries if you can't! i understand!

[i also like aesthetics that have to do with cute or aesthetically pleasing imagery of food. part of this is due to my disordered eating, and i've found i look for images that make food seem cute or nice so it's less scary for me to think about. to anyone who hasn't struggled with an eating disorder this may sound a little strange, but the genuine fear around food is hard to work around sometimes, and this is my coping mechanism. i hope it makes just a little sense!]

end of content warning. here's a cat stamp to cheer up after that stuff: